Our materials are designed for converters to be used with existing tooling. Now with minimal investment you can start mass producing fully biodegradable products that do not leaving permanent microplastics behind. 

What is expected from you?

1. Accept terms and conditions
2. Fill in the required information
3. Pay the invoice of 1 000€

4. You will receive:

  • Trial Pack of Sulapac material (25kg)
  • Processing parameters
  • Technical support
5. Send feedback and examples of produced items to Sulapac

Further information

  • Before committing to a trial we always want to verify material compatibility with the trial product. Therefore, as we have a wide range of materials, we kindly ask you to share some information about your planned trial product or tooling to be able to select the appropriate material(s) for your trial.
  • If you would like to order extra material in addition to the standard 25kg Trial Pack, please contact Sulapac for more information. 
  • The trial material by default is Natural Wood -colored. Please see the "Technical Data Sheet & Processing Advice for Operators" for all color options. Color masterbatches can be ordered with the Trial Pack. 

Material Documentation




Erno Syvälahti
+358 50 449 5003


Technical Support

Jari Salo, Sulapac

Jari Salo
+358 40 148 6530